Well one holiday has passed and we have another coming up.  So much food. So much weight gain, maybe not everyone but there is always just so much food.  So, so much.  There are leftovers for days and days.  The thing is, most years we do not cook a Turkey at Thanksgiving.  Oh stop yelling.  No one in the family likes it all that much.  Normally we do a Ham and my stepmom takes the bone home to make refried beans or soup.  This year was a bit different as sadly we did not get the family together.  The gathering was just 3 of us, mom, son and myself but that didn't stop me from making a full Thanksgiving dinner.  The difference though is I roasted a large chicken instead and yep still stuffed it.  It was mighty tasty.  Those a thin lemon slices under the skin and basted with lemon and butter.  It was really incredible good.  
Almost every time I cook a chicken though, I boil the bones with some of the meat still on it for soup stock. I know, you are thinking "What a pain". No not really.  Throw it into a soup stock pot with enough water to cover it and an inch above it, throw in some spices and raw vegi's and let it slow boil for a few hours, strain and done.  Freeze the stock and now you have it when a recipe calls for it.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
1 Chicken or Turkey Carcass
1/2-1  Yellow Onion quartered
3 Celery Stalks
2 Carrots chopped
2 Bay Leaves
4 Garlic cloves rough chopped
1/2 TBSP Salt
1/2 TBSP Pepper

Optional:  1 TBSP Chicken Bouillon (intensives the flavor)

Add enough water to the soup pot to cover the carcass plus about an inch.  Add everything to the pot and set it at a slow boil.  Then reduce to a fast simmer.  Let it cook for two hours, during the two hours add more water back up to the original mark.  Let it simmer down about an 1" to an 1 1/2" (25-38 mm).  Turn it off and strain out all the solids.  Let it cool for about 45 minutes  at room temperature and then place in the refrigerator overnight. The fat will solidify at the top.  Scrap it off. The broth will be very jelly like, remember to stir it after you scrap off the fat. At this point, I label freezer bags with the date and name and place 1 cup of the broth in each baggy*.  I then freeze them until needed, they will last about 3 months in the freezer. I was able to get 6 cups of broth from this batch.

That is really all you have to do.  Don't over salt it or over pepper it as that will happen when you make your recipe with it.

*If you want clear broth, you can pass it through cheese cloth several times to remove all solids before you freeze it.

Once it is cold the fat will rise to the top and solidify. You can just spoon it off. The broth will be very jelly like.
I hope you enjoyed this recipe.  If you did, leave a comment below.  I also have a YouTube channel where I feature many of my recipes.  If you would like to check it out, click on this link:  Bristlee One

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