We have had some absolutely crazy weather here in Southern California.  I mean, usually the weather is something like "Sunny, with a chance of sunny later in the day".  To get Florida type weather has been absolutely amazing.  The only problem with the sudden rain showers, I never know when I can use my BBQ. I know what you are thinking, um Tammie that's a salad.  Oh I know but do you see the bacon on it?  That's BBQ'd bacon.  Oh yea baby, BBQ'd bacon.  I bought some thick sliced bacon at the butchers because my Dad had purchased me a BBQ mat.  I had never seen this and was very skeptical when he told me about it. Said you could just put it right on the grill and then grill anything on it and it would leave the grill marks and everything.  I thought, sure dad.  Uh oh, he's finally lost it.  Boy was I wrong.  This thing is awesome and I've been experimenting like crazy with it.  I have no idea what brand it is only that he got it off the internet. I have grilled on the bbq, bacon, chopped potatoes, fruit and vegi's.  I just can't express how much I love this mat.  Now, one thing that I did learn, don't cook red meat on it.  I cooked a steak on it and well, yuck. Since the fat and stuff wasn't falling through like normal, it was more like boiling your meat. Again yuck.

The weather finally cooperated yesterday and I made this gem of a salad (see how I circled this all back around).  I BBQ'd the bacon and the rest is just yummy history. Once again, as with any salad you can add your own twist to it.  This salad is great with just lemon squeezed over it also, though this dressing is simply enough to make you weak in the knees.  The mint paired with the fruit, oh just yum.
Ignore the potatoes! Those were for dinner and I was experimenting. See the mat underneath the bacon and potatoes? Love this mat for grilling.


about 2 cups Mixed Greens, enough for 2 people
4 Slices of Thick Bacon, Maple bacon is really good too
1/4 cup Gruyere cheese, grated or small cubes
1 Pear, I used a Bosch
1 Apple, I used a Gala
3/4 cup Raspberries
1/2 cup Walnuts, broken up
2 Hard boiled eggs, chopped
2 Green Onions, chopped

3 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 TBSP Rice Vinegar
8-10 Mint Leafs
1/2 TBSP Sugar

Cook the bacon crispy.  To reduce calories you can use standard cut bacon and just use one piece per salad. Boil the eggs, shell and let cool.  
While the bacon and eggs are cooking, make the dressing.  I blend mine in a ninja type blender so that it really breaks down the mint leafs.  You can make this sweeter if you like or less.  You can also add lemon juice to it (which I really love, not too much just about a tablespoon)
Peel or not the apple and pear, do these as close to putting the salad together as they will brown.  You can hit them with a little lemon to stop the browning process.
Grate or break up the cheese
Assemble your salad and enjoy!
I hope you enjoyed this recipe.  If you did leave a comment below.  I also have a YouTube channel where I showcase some of my recipes and challenges.  You can find it here:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0RKTXAqUP_MgZRNsqbWV2w

Thank you for stopping by and remember, enjoy life.
It's the one you have,
Salad only. Reduce calories by using a lean bacon or Turkey bacon and eliminating one piece.