This weeks menu brought to you by my own laziness and the fact that I started my college classes.  Yes, back into school and taking Web Design.  Ish.  It is very strange to be re-attending college at this age. Lucky for me the classes are all online even though it is the local University.  I'm not sure how I would feel having to get up everyday and stare at all those young fresh faces!  No, just joshing.  I actually wish the classes were on campus as it is very distracting to take these at home.  I know, I've even written a blog about how not to get distracted and I've started using my own advice.  The only thing is , I still want to do this site and record videos.  I haven't been able to record lately and that makes me feel bad and sad.  I'm hoping to get back to recording next week.  
Ok, over the little sidetrack there.  This weeks recipes are going to be dealing with cooking for one or cooking in a dorm room.  I have some friends that are in college and dealing with not wanting to spend what little money they have going out to eat and not wanting to eat in the schools cafe.  I've actually found this more challenging then I had thought it would be.  First, the dorms only have the little fridges, so everything that I put here has to fit and dorm rooms have no sink.  Second, this recipe you are going to have to run to the bathroom or think outside the box to drain the water.  If you have a plastic tub that you can drain it into and then take that to the bathroom it would be better, as the water is going to be hot.  If you are just making this at home, no worries.  
Some of the items you will need. A larger soup bowl, a measuring cup OR if you don't have a measuring cup, use a mug and just do a 1:1 measurement of pasta and vegetables.
This item really is a must so that you don't burn yourself. You can pick it up at the 99¢ store.

Serves 1

1 cup GF Penne Pasta (or regular)
1 cup fresh or frozen Vegetables, I used a frozen stir fry mix 
1/4 cup  fresh Cherry Tomatoes, optional
1/2 cup Cooked Chicken*, optional
Butter or margarine
Salt and Pepper

Large Soup Bowl
1 Cup to measure with

Put enough water in the bowl that it fills just about 1/2.  Heat in the microwave on full for 3 minutes.
Remove CAREFULLY.  It will be very hot.
Add the Penne Pasta and let sit for 5 minutes.  After the 5 minutes stir to break it up
Place Back into microwave for 3 minutes on full
Heat another 2 minutes
Add Vegetables
Cook another 4 minutes
This is where you need to be extra careful as this is extremely hot.
Pour into a strainer to get rid of all the liquid
Place pasta and vegetables back into bowl and add butter or margarine to coat all
Throw in the chicken and tomatoes if using
You can also add cheese (I added Parmesan in the above picture)

If you don't want to use frozen vegetables, you can:

Instead of adding the vegetables at the 5 minute mark, continue to cook the pasta for another 4 minutes (8 minutes total but never let it go more then 3 minutes without stirring or it will bubble over.)  Take it out CAREFULLY and drain out the water.  Add butter, salt and pepper and your fresh vegetables and stir.  You can cook the vegi's if you like but the time will depend on the type of vegetable chosen.  Carrots would need to cook from the beginning, Spinach can go in at the last minute and everything else is in between.

You can also make this into a soup.  After draining the water:

Mix together 1 cup of fresh water with chicken or vegetable bouillon.  Microwave for 1 minute and add to the pasta.  Soup. 

You can also add other seasoning such as:
Powered onion
Lemon Pepper

*If you buy a whole cooked chicken but don't finish it, strip off all the meat.  Devide the meat into portion sizes and place each portion into a sandwich bag.  Once all meat is portioned and in baggies, place all into one larger freezer bag and evac all the air.  Place the date on the one larger bag.  This way you have chicken for soup, pasta, or to roll into a tortilla.
I used a StirFry frozen mix for this and left over chicken from the night before.
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It's the one you have,
One of the items that I missed when I had to go gluten free was Ramen Noodles.  I love ramen noodles and the versatility they could offer in a simple lunch or dinner.  Soon however I discovered that rice noodles, like ramen noodles, could be found.  They are also cheap to buy, not as cheap as the ramen but still $0.79 is not bad at all.  I tend not to use the "flavor" packet, I didn't with the ramen either as they usually have MSG or simply made up of 90% salt (yes I know MSG is a sodium but not all of the packets have MSG just other salts).  Now, if you are living in a dorm room and just have a refrigerator and a microwave, you can still make this dish.  Instead of the fresh vegi's, you can use frozen of your choice.  You can still  have the hard boiled egg and I will show you how below.
I love how simple and clean this meal is and to go vegan by just omitting the egg.  For this lunch, I used spinach, avocado, radish, green onion and cilantro.  Really you can use just about anything.  I don't cook the fresh vegi's.  Once the noodles and egg are done, I just add them to the bowl, push them down and wait maybe 2-5 minutes, depending on how hungry I am.  If you wanted a little more protein, add some cooked chicken or tofu.
Feeds: 1

1 Packet Rice noodles of your choice
2-3 Radishes
2 Green Onions
1/4-1/2 Avocado
1 cup rough chopped Spinach
2 TBSP rough chopped Cilantro
1/4 cup small Cherry Tomatoes 
2 TBSP GF Low Sodium Soy Sauce
1 TBSP Hoisin Sauce
1/2 TBSP Sesame Oil
1/2 TBSP Chili Oil
1 1/2 cup Water
1 Egg
Pepper to taste

OR instead of the fresh use (everything else is the same)

1 Cup mixed Frozen Veggi's 

Start by adding the water to a microwavable bowl.
Using the tine of a fork, firmly hold the egg in your hand but do not rest the egg on the hard surface, just in your hand.  Gently poke a hole in the top of the egg.  Not too small, about the width of the tine.  Place in the water and microwave on high for 2 minutes.
Take the bowl out, BE CAREFUL it will be hot.
Add the noodles and Frozen Vegi's (if you are using them)
Cook on high another 2 minutes
Using a large spoon, remove the egg and place into a glass of water
Cook noodles for another minute
Crack open egg and place in bowl
Add Hoisin, Sesame and Chili Oils and Soy sauce.  You can also add garlic (minced) and ginger (minced) about a 1/4 teaspoon each.  You can adjust the seasonings for your own taste.

*Word of caution:  While it is easy to microwave the egg to hardboil it, you must poke a hole large enough to relieve pressure but not big enough for all the whites to seep out. Also, do not microwave for the 4 minutes straight, I find that it will still blow up.  It seems to need the short stop in the middle.
Don't do this, the egg will just break
Holding it firmly in your hand, poke the hole. The size hole above is perfect
Place it into the bowl and microwave for 2 minutes, remove and add the noodles and microwave for another 2 minutes. Remove the egg and place into a glass of water or peel it under running cold water.
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