I'm not sure why but Breakfast is always the hardest meal of the day for me.  Probably why I do so many posts on it.  Once I couldn't eat bread anymore, the struggle became real.  I didn't want to have the same ol' same ol' everyday of bacon and eggs or just eggs or just bacon.  Yes, I know there are gluten free "breads" out there but they are either too expensive, sorry not paying $6-$12 for a loaf of bread or just too gross to eat.  I've made a few that are ok but after the first day they can get crumbly and not so great.  I've frozen them and they are not too bad but it takes time to make the right bread.  I will be posting the breads that I make soon.  Anyway, that was off topic.  I still like to come up with new things to eat for breakfast and while they all evolve around fruit and eggs I thought today's was a little different.  It is one that I have been eating for awhile but never measured anything out to put down on paper.  I usually just kind of throw it together and eat it.  I also have it for lunch sometimes especially after working out.  I do have to say that it doesn't photograph very well but it is a wonderful blend of savory and sweet.  Give it a try and let me know what you think!
Serves: 1


Rice Bowl*: 
Premade rice, use 1/2 cup cooked rice
3/4 cup diced Strawberry
1/2 Banana, diced
1-2 hard Boiled Eggs, diced
2 strips cooked Bacon, diced 

1/4 cup diced Mango (I buy the frozen)
1/4 cup Cranberries (frozen)
1/2 cup Orange Juice
1 TBSP Olive Oil
6 Leaves Mint

Cook the rice as per instructions:  Dice up the Strawberry, Banana, hard boiled eggs and bacon and throw over the rice.

In a blender or food processor:  Process all the dressing ingredients until smooth.

Spoon over rice bowl.

*You can also add blueberries, blackberries, raspberries or fresh mango.  Stay away for the citrus on this breakfast rice as I didn't think it worked well on it.
I hope you enjoyed this recipe.  If you did, leave a comment below.  I also have a YouTube channel where I feature many of my recipes.  If you would like to check it out, click on this link:  Bristlee One

Thank you for stopping by and remember, enjoy life.
It's the one you have,
Nutritional information obtained using CalorieCount.com, with 1/2 cup white rice.


02/23/2016 2:23pm

Your recep,very comportble,thank u for recep

04/03/2016 10:36am

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!


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