I know you are reading the title and thinking she's lost her mind, time to pull out the white jacket with the special sleeves.  Nope.  Sane as sane can be or relatively so.  These actually came about because I'm lazy.  I wanted french toast but I always have left over egg that just ends up going down the drain.  What a waste. Why not I thought just throw the extra egg in with the French Toast.  Hey better yet why not combine scrambled eggs and french toast.  It really made sense in my mind.  Now granted they are not the prettiest things to look at.  They are scrambled eggs after all but I think with the simplicity of this recipe, you will thank me in the long run.  Really, you will.
Serves 1-2


2 eggs
1 TBSP Milk (any type of milk)
2 strips Cooked Bacon, broken up
2 slices of GF bread (or any bread will do) cut into strips
small bit of butter, ghee, margarine, or oil

Crack the eggs into a bowl and add the milk, scramble
Heat a small fry pan on medium low
add a bit of butter
when hot add the strips of bread and follow with the egg over the top of the bread.  Make sure to cover all the bread
Top with the cooked bacon
Let cook
Using a spatula or other, cut it back up into strips
Flip and cook

Plate, serve with warm syrup and fruit
I hope you enjoyed this recipe.  If you did, leave a comment below.  I also have a YouTube channel where I feature many of my recipes.  If you would like to check it out, click on this link:  Bristlee One

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It's the one you have,
Nutrition information obtained from CalorieCount.com. Serving size 1