I've been looking back at some of my titles and they are weird.  Well some of them are weird.  Like Grilled Watermelon salad.  Who does that?  Oh, I do and it was damn good.  I'm not purposely trying to be weird, it just happens.  It's a natural phenomenon.  You're welcome. 
Here's the thing, this morning I wanted some french toast but I had this fruit that was starting to go soft but I didn't want to have the stove on a super long time to make a compote (which I love to make), I thought what about a warm fruit salad and make it like the caramelized bananas?  "Ohhhhh", thought my brain, "That sounds yummy.  You should go make that and put some powdered sugar on it."  See how my brain talks to me.  I don't have a choice in these matters.  It would have just bugged me all day to go make it. This is how I tend to make quite a few of my recipes.  My tastebuds start screaming about this or that and my brain, which seems either to ignore the taste buds or is simply slower, responds in it's own time. Once the brain engages, the recipe will come together fairly quickly.  There have been times though, like yesterday morning, where I woke up because my brain was telling me about a recipe that I just had to make.  Luckily I keep an electronic device by the bed and quickly typed down the notes.  I'm making that one this evening for dinner and really, really looking forward to it.  It made my brain happy, let's hope it does the same for the tastebuds (who are irritated they didn't come up with it first).  It's an on going battle that I face almost everyday.  Can't we all just get along.


Fruit of your choice.  I used the following and it was enough for two people:

1/2 Peach diced up
1/2 Nectarine, diced up
4 Largish Strawberries, diced
5-7 Cherries, pitted

French Toast:
3 pieces of Bread, your choice (mine was gluten free)
1 Egg beaten with a splash of milk.  You can also add a VERY small amount of cinnamon and a 1/2 tsp honey for each egg used.

Beat the egg with a splash of milk (and honey and cinnamon if using).  Now, you can do this two ways, either dunk the entire piece of bread in the egg and cook and then cut up or slice up the bread first and then dunk and cook.  I chose the latter as I like the entire thing egged!  Throw some butter in a pan and melt it.  Throw in the bites or the entire bread, again your choice and brown it on both sides (for the bites I then turn them on their sides and brown those too!).  Once done move these to a warming pan.  Thrown in more butter to the original pan ( about 1/4  tsp), drizzle in about a 1/2-1 tsp of Honey.  It should be hot.  Thrown in the fruit and cook about 4-5 minutes on a medium flame or setting.  Plate the fruit first and toss the bites on top, add a bit more butter and shake some powdered sugar on top.  Eat and enjoy!

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Remember enjoy life.
It's the one you have.