My bullshit meter is going off again.  Not just going off but screaming and banging and beeping, a great big cacophony of sound.  I found a post over the weekend on my favorite place of all, Pinterest, that said that I can have Toned Arms in 7 days.  Whew, thank goodness.  I was really worried that it might take me months to get rid of the flappy bird that is going on under my arms!  No, this site claims in little as 7 days with just five arm exercises my arms are going to be that of a young goddess (well it does't say that but I'm guessing that a young goddess has very toned arms).  It doesn't say how many reps or sets, so I guess it's up to me. I could do like 47 reps and 200 sets and I'm sure that in 7 days I would have toned arms or they would just simply have vacated my body, leaving me in disgust.  They would have been toned though.

Do people really believe these claims?  I guess they do considering the number of repins that this one has.  <sigh>  To show that this does not work in seven days, I am doing this one for 7 days.  I will be doing increasing reps starting at 8 with 3 sets for each exercise.

Here is the first one.  I will update it in 7 days to show that no, in 7 days your arms will not suddenly look like a young goddess!  Enjoy, I did making it and I laugh at myself all the time.


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