Getting over the fear of new things is always the first step to take in any home improvement project.  I know the first time I put in a toilet by myself, I was terrified that I would screw it up so badly that I would end up with dirty toilet water all over my floor and into the bedrooms.  That didn't happen of coarse and the install only took a total of 15 minutes from start to finish.  Believe it or not, changing out a toilet is usually very easy and simple (as long as the ring is intact and in good shape, if not you may have to call a professional).
Most toilets come with almost everything you will need to install it.  Also, the "guts" as I call it in the tank is usually pretty much preassembled and installed for you.  Working wise there is the base, the tank, the tank lid, the toilet seat, the wax ring and the two anchor bolts with wingnuts and the anchor bolts and screws to hold the tank onto the base.  The only thing that you have to buy separately is the hose from the wall outlet to the toilet.  I always change it out when I install a toilet.
The toilet above was from a bathroom renovation that I recently finished.  You can find the details here
First things first.  Turn the water off at the toilet.  Drain the tank by flushing the toilet and then the toilet bowl itself.  Usually you will have to use a thick sponge or towel to get the last of the water out of the bowl.
Now disconnect the water line leading to the toilet

You have a choice at this point, you can remove the tank or remove the entire toilet (tank still attached).  I do it as one unit as I am always just disposing of the toilet anyway.

Loosen and remove the nuts at the base of the toilet (see picture above).

Rock the toilet towards you to loosen it and then pick it up and away.
Inspect the ring for breakage.  If you are not going to set the toilet right away, plug it with a thick towel, make sure the cloth is large enough where it won't fall down inside.

I always replace those side bolts as new ones always come with the wax ring.
Items to purchase:

water line
wax ring with anchor bolts if not included with the toilet

To install the toilet (how I do it)

I turn the base of the toilet over and press on the wax ring just hard enough to make it stay.  Then turn it right side up.  Align the two bolts with the holes in the base and set the toilet down.  You can actual feel when it is place.  Push it down to set the wax ring.  
When tightening the side bolts, just done't tighten one side down.  Slightly tighten one side and then the other.  Keep switching back and forth until the toilet is down all the way.  Check to make sure it is not rocking.
Once the base is installed, now place the tank as per the instructions from the manufacturer.  Mine was pre-assembled so I only had to place it on and then using the provided wingnuts tighten it down.  Again do it side to side.  Do not over tighten or you will crack the porcelain.
Install the toilet seat and lid.
Attach a new waterline and tighten. Turn the water on slowly and look for leaks.  I usually wait a few days before caulking the bottom of the toilet just to make sure I don't have any surprises.  When I do caulk, I leave a 2" gap in the back.  This helps to ensure that if I do have a leak, I will know about it!

That's it.  That's all there is to installing a toilet.  Many toilets now include the wax ring, check the contents of your box before you buy.  If not included be sure to buy the type that has the new anchor bolts for the bowl.

I hoped this helped.

I hope that description was not too confusing!  If you have any questions, please email me or leave a comment.   I also have a YouTube channel where I feature many of my recipes and Challenges and soon some of my DIY's.  If you would like to check it out, click on this link:  Bristlee One

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