Why do I call it a "left over build", good question.  I use materials that I already have laying about the garage or house from older projects.  This time it is a side table for my son's room.  Up until recently he had a loft bed.  Now that he is over 5' 5" at 12 years old, the bed was just too small for him (even though it was a double, it was so close to the ceiling that he could no longer sit up on it.  He had to crawl into it like a cave).  So we went to Ikea and he picked out a new bed that is black and very low to the ground.  Because he likes to have drinks in his room (no not like that type of drink, sheesh), he needed somewhere to set them.  He has been using a TV tray that has already fallen over once.  I believe the old milk is still on his floor, hence the reason he has laminate and not wood or carpet.  Boys.  

For this build I just kind of built it on the fly.  I didn't download any plans nor draw it out.  I just knew that I wanted it 20" overall height and square.  Why square, cuz I'm using a piece of 16 x 16 left over tile (do note that just like wood, it's really not 16 x 16 but just a squosh under).  The tile is the top of the table.  The rest is out of pine, but I figured with a tile top it would last a whole lot longer.

I had some left over 1" x 4" pine boards, an 8' long 2" x 2" pine and a box of tile from a bathroom remodel (which I will post soon).  Perfect.  I started sanding all and then cutting the 4 legs all at about 19 13/16" (to take into account the tile thickness) using the 2" x 2".  I then measured the tile and cut the 1 x 4 to fit (8 of these), I left just a bit of an overhang.
I then assembled the below squares using glue and my nail gun.  I assembled two of these below.  It will make more sense when you see the whole build.
Prior to glueing and nailing.
The black arrows indicate where I used a dremel to level out legs. The Pinkish arrows indicate where I used the screws. I use the Grip Rite Fas'ners. These were the #8 1-3/4" 4.45 cm. I use the Grip Rite's for almost all my wood projects. As you can see I used one on one face and then two on the other showing face. In other words, each leg was fastened by 3 screws. The bottom square was attached using the nail gun. I used Porter Cable 18 GA 1-1/4" Brad nails.
The arrow shows that I shaved the leg and then painted. Pine will soak up paint or stain and you can use a pre-conditioner on it if you like. This took 4 coats of paint. I waited 1 hour between coats.
Here it is prior to glueing the tile on. I have yet to decide if I want to cut another piece for the second shelf or just leave it. Can out pretty good, I think anyway.
Here it is in my sons room. He decided that a second shelf was not needed. He's happy with it so that is all that matters. By the way, I also put in the floor you see, baseboards and paint. I also removed the popcorn ceiling and retextured.
Ok, here is the long and short of it on putting this bad boy together.

Wood Needed:
1 x 4" 
2 x 2"

1 16 x 16 tile (you can buy these individually at any of the big hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowes)
Nails (if you don't have a nail gun, you can always attached the second square with screws)

Before Cutting I always sand my wood.  It is much easier to sand the longer pieces then futzing with the smaller.  Yes, I do use an electric sander, if you don't have one and plan to do several projects, I strongly recommend getting one.  I start with the 60 grit and get all the rough stuff off, then follow with the 100 and follow with 150.  Once assembled, then I finish with a 200 grit.

Cut the 8 pieces after measuring your tile.  
Cut the legs.

Put them together with glue and the nail gun, nailing at the corners.  

Take one of the squares that will be your top and place one of the legs into a corner with keeping the square on your surface (as if the table is upside down).  Clamp the leg in place.
Take another leg in the opposite corner and clamp it in place.  Using your level, check to make sure the legs are level with each other.  By using the clamps, you can move the legs up or down.  If these two are level, go ahead and set all three screws.  Now slide down the second square.  Clamp in the next two legs and slide up the bottom square and clamp into place.  Check your level on all.  If all good, attach last two legs and use the nail gun to place the second square.
Turn it right side up and set on floor and check for level.
Fill nail holes with wood filler.  Finish sand and paint.
To attach the top.  I used Gorilla glue.  Lightly moisten the top edge and spread the glue.  Place top on and square it up.  Place weights on top and let dry at least two hours.

That's it.   If you have any questions, please don't hesitate.

Enjoy Life!




04/01/2015 1:46pm

Really like the screen you made and hung over your door way.
I love the side table . It came out great.
Good DIY!!!

09/30/2015 12:30am

Great Job , Keep on posting!

04/25/2016 12:08pm

Another great post, I appreciate all the work you put into your weblog site, supporting others with your fun and innovative works.Thanks in advance.


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