This is the first of the DIY posts!  

Eek, so this is the beginning of my work bench.  I've been in my house for 3 years and kept putting off the work bench but the garage is soooo packed now that it's almost impossible to find things out there now.  I'm pretty sure we may have lost someone out there, search parties are still out.

So, instead of a whimpy 20" or 24" wide, I did a whopping 36" and 100" long.  Woot.  I'm used to laboratory benches with plenty of room.  I wanted somewhere that I could build in drawers and such for my nails and screws and little bits.

Below are pictures taken during the build, apparently I never took one of the completed project which I will.  Swear.  The top is a dual layer of 3/4 inch plywood.  The bottom layer was the crappy everday plywood whereas the top was the better quality.  I had HomeDepot rip the plywood for me but all the other cuts are mine.  Oh except the legs, these are 4 x 4's and I had HomeDepot rip these also.  They should have been 28" but I had them accidentally cut at 29" so the overall table is a smidgen taller than what I wanted.