Cooking disasters, we've all had them.  Thinking you are making a recipe perfectly fine, it looks good, it smells good and you pop it in the oven.  Then out of the oven it comes and wham you know.  Oh man, when trying to come up with new recipes disasters happen more than I care to think about.  The photo above is the first attempt on a brownie cookie.  I really, really wanted a brownie but all the mixes so far that I have tried were not what I wanted.  I wanted chewy with the crisp edge and no funky aftertaste.  I embarked down a rocky road.  
The first few attempts gave me a cookie that was more cake like in appearance and taste and didn't hold together well.  Bringing a recipe together is 1 part hope, 2 parts drive and 1 part know how.  Put it all together and it can still spell disaster.
Well that's a little bit runny for a cookie dough
Oh look, they look like perfect little cookie dough rounds.............
How does a recipe come about?  For me different ways.  Believe it or not there have been times that I have woken up and thought I want to make this and I know how I want it.  Then it is just a matter of tweaking it. An example is the Yogurt Parfait with the Cherry Reduction (find the recipe here).  Other times like this brownie recipe, it is derived from a gluten version that I had and needed to convert it to a gluten free version.  I know that many of the manufactures of Gluten Free flours will tell you it is a 1:1 change.  Yes sometimes it is and sometimes it takes much experimentation.  Gluten free flours absorb liquid much differently than wheat flour.  With no gluten, the flour performs much differently.  For a while, a long while, I really tried to make a bread that I could eat at any time.  Still have not come up with one that I LOVE.  I've purchased one that was outstanding but I'm certainly not going to pay over $7 each time.  Nope.  Not gonna happen. Hopefully in time I will have one that I can enjoy and share.
ummm, ok those spread out some...........quite a bit....
Another difference with the gluten free flours is baking time.  You know with gluten cookies and such that you can make then usually in 8-10 minutes.  Yeah.  Rethink that.  As you saw in that first photo, 8 minutes was just way too long.  Really that was 8 minutes.  Come to find out, these only need 5-6 minutes.  What is nice with the recipe is that it can either be a cookie or a brownie recipe, both work.  Happy circumstance. 

Not all recipes work out that way though.  There is a lemon custard recipe that I have been working on for quite some time and just cannot get it the way I want.  I spent 3 weeks on it almost every day.  The lemon cheesecake came out of that 3 weeks but no straight up lemon custard that I wanted.  It happens.  An idea will pop into my head and I will go full force trying to figure out how I want to make it.  The other problem, I have recipes that I will not post because I think they are just too involved.  I want recipes on here that anyone including young adults, teens and pre-teens could make.  Hence the idea of the One Bowl Wonders.
Brownies but only using 3/4 of the recipe. My kitchen is always a food disaster when I'm developing.
I have finally come up with the recipe for the brownie cookies/brownies that I like.  It is a little more complicated to make the cookies and a bit more time consuming but the end result is a soft center and the crispy outer rim that I had been wanting.  I have to say the biggest compliment that I received was from my son.  He thought they were just regular cookies.  He said oh are you eating gluten again.  Nope but perfection obtained.
Awww, perfection.
I'm not sure how much this helped but it was just an idea that got stuck in my head and I've had people ask.  So there it is in a confusing nutshell.  Basically it is try,try, try again and nailed it or give up this ain't going any where.

I hope you enjoyed my little rant.  If you did, leave a comment below.  I also have a YouTube channel where I feature many of my recipes.  If you would like to check it out, click on this link:  Bristlee One

Thank you for stopping by and remember, enjoy life.
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