Todays recipe is not a recipe.  Ha.  Rather it's a shopping trip.  I normally don't shop at Walmart but I needed to go there for printer ink and decided to check out our store.  It re-opened a couple of months back as a "Super" Walmart, meaning it has way more crap then it did before.  One of the new sections is grocery's.  I've shopped the grocery section before but when we were in Florida and thought the prices were a tad higher then our Stater Bros.  This Walmart for the most part was pretty good on prices, but that is not why I'm writing this.  No, no, no.  Instead, lets talk Gluten Free stuff.  Now, most gluten free packaged stuff I stay away from.  Really, come on, $6-$11 for a loaf of "bread".  Over five dollars for 10-12 cookies.  Let's be real here.  
There is the caveat though, there are things that you just don't want to make.  Stuff you just want to buy. Here is my list of things that I think are pretty damn good.

At Walmart:

Snyder's Gluten Free Pretzels (I have also found these at Von's and Albertsons and in different flavors) Honestly, I can barely tell the difference in taste.  The GF ones are "harder" then the none but who the hell cares.  Honey mustard pretzels........mmmmmmmm.
Mission Gluten free Flour tortillas, $4.99, this surprised the hell out of me.  They are good too, damn good. I just found these at StaterBros for the same price as WalMart.
Krusteaz Gluten Free frozen waffles (I have found the brownies at Costco and holy smokes, they were awesome and the cornbread at Stater Bros and Vons though it is pricey.  Most of their items are really good but as I said, pricey).  I will be posting my Honey Cornbread recipe this week
Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce, they had a really great price, $2.36.  This was $1.63 cheaper then I paid at Stater Bros.
Kikkoman Soy and Teriyaki Sauces, both can be found in Walmart's Gluten Free section. $2.35 and $2.12 respectively
McCormick Gluten Free Taco Seasoning, $0.62 cents.  Not bad at all
Schar White Bread, $5.99, has a nice sourdough taste.  Much better toasted.

There are a number of other items in the gluten free section but I just don't prefer the taste nor the price. There is also a frozen Gluten Free section near the vegan stuff.  I turned my nose up due to the pricing except for the waffles.  Yes, they were way more expensive but I really needed to try them.  Really, I do. Really.  Though I'm not going to pay $2.98 for a frozen burrito that is half the size and three times the price of the gluten version.

My run to Costco saw a number of Gluten Free items but the one that I was most excited about was the Special K Gluten Free touch of brown sugar cereal.  I went ahead and bought it and have had it with almond milk this week.  It's very tasty, I've also just used it as a dry snack with walnuts.  The only problem is there is no brown sugar in it.  Just molasses.  Yes, I know that brown sugar is just sugar with molasses in it but they could have just said with a hint of molasses.  I plan on trying to use them for a coating on chicken.  Let you know how that goes.  There was also a gluten free mayo called Just Mayo from HamptonCreek.  This has changed my world.  It is soooooooo good.  First thing I did was make a nice chicken salad sandwich on toasted white bread.  I might have swooned.

One more thing and my rant is done.  I normally shop at Stater Bros.  If I want Gluten Free you really have to hunt for it or know exactly what you are looking for.  Mostly now I just stick to fresh meats, fruit and vegetables.  Every once in a while though you want something different, something new.  Something easy that you don't have to drag everything out to make.  Albertsons has done the best job in our home town. They have marked most of their gluten free items with a tag all through out the store.  They do have a Gluten Free section but it is all those really expensive things.  Albertsons also carries, and it's the only place that I have see them, the Gluten free corn dogs made by Foster Farms.  We have switched over to these entirely.  The other is the Ronzoni Gluten Free Pastas.  These are the best and we have switched entirely to these.  If you were a huge pasta eater before, you might not like these.  Since they are rice based, they are softer in texture.  I make them with lemon and shrimp with wilted spinach (yummy!!)

Ok, I'm done. Happy shopping.

Enjoy Life!