I just got my son off to the beach with a friend and realized that I had yet to eat.  One of the problems with having to eat gluten free is coming up with new things to eat.  Since I am not eating rice or potatoes right now, it makes things a bit more complicated.  I miss morning rice pudding and my Dutch oven bread but I really, really need to drop a few pounds AND something has been giving me stomach problems again. Ok, enough about me.  
I raided the fridge and came up with spinach, kale, eggs, an apple (half an apple as my son had the other for breakfast).  At first I was going to make an omelet but decided against it.  Not that it was too much work but I just really didn't feel omelishy (my blog, I can make up my own words too!).  Going around on Pinterest is the fried banana thing.  I have made these and liked them but since I'm not a big banana eater, it is not something I would make alot.  I have also fried grapes in the same manner which were unbelivable. I had them with a chicken and spinach salad, awwwwwww yum.  I have also done it with dried figs that I ate with hot rice ceral.  I loved, loved, loved the fried figs.  So why not apples?  The thing is, apples have a really high water content so to fry them you need to get the pan really hot.  I have an electric stove (yeck) and set the burner on 8.  Threw in the Ghee (you can get this much hotter than butter) and when it sizzled, threw in the honey, quickly followed by the apples.  They only cooked for a few minutes on either side as you want them to keep their crunch.  Good, really good.  Yummy even.
Right before flipping them over. This just took a few minutes per side.
Here is the Recipe for one person you can make as much just by increasing everything:

2 eggs
1/2 cup chopped Spinach and Kale (I used frozen mixer that I purchased from Costco)
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1/2 tsp honey
1/2 apple (use one that is crisp)
1/2 tsp Ghee
Salt and Pepper to taste

Have all your ingredients ready to go including scrambling your eggs.  To make my eggs:  crack into a bowl and add a splash of milk, salt and pepper.  Lightly beat

I use fresh ginger but to grate I use this:
I use it for ginger, garlic and any other fresh herb.  I found this one at a local farmers market and bought one for my Step Mom at the fair.  This thing is awesome!  It has sharp little glass teeth that "mince" your herb.  Then you dampen the brush and brush it into your recipe.

I started with the apples.  Use a good non-stick pan and heat until it a drop of water dances on the surface. Carefully add your Ghee or Coconut oil.  Let it melt and get hot, drizzle in 1/4 tsp of honey and swirl the pan so the Ghee with the honey mix.  Quickly add the apples.  They are going to brown very fast per side. Before flipping them the first time drizzle more honey on them right before you flip.  Once brown on the other side, slide into a bowl.  Add a little more Ghee to the pan.  Add the chopped Spinach, Kale and Ginger to the same pan and turn down the heat (on mine it was a 4). This will cook really fast also. Slide into the same bowl.  Add a bit more Ghee to the pan and add the beaten eggs and turn down the burner a bit.  Cook your eggs to your liking.  Place in the same bowl.  Season to taste.  I added a bit of Srirache sauce to mine.

I hope you like the recipe!

Enjoy life!

It's the one you have!