The owner of the photo source for this drawing can be found on Tumblr (ThisBrokenWheel) and was used with permission from the owner:

Still learning how to draw digitally.  This is done with the free program MediBangPaint Pro. Still learning how to draw in the digital world.   This took just under 2 hours . I'm trying out different styles.

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09/12/2016 1:28am

I am impressed. I don't think I can ever learn how to draw digitally. It just does not work for me. I find it very difficult with my age as I got used only with pencil. The drawing pad felt too weird. But just because I cannot do it, it does not mean I don't approve of anyone who can. I just feel it's a brand new skill altogether. I think you guys are very good.


You said that you’re still practicing your skills. But obviously, you’re great. I’m awestruck. How did you do that? I mean, what software are you using? I hope you can share a tutorial someday. I want to learn how to do digital drawing too.


I love such videos so much! I want to improve my drawing skills. Maybe this video will help me.


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