I drew this from a picture that I took at the San Diego Safari Park in early 2015.  I really like this birds for the contrast of the red head and the black feathers.  This was drawn with both graphite pencils and colored pencils.

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wonderful drawing ! Its is very difficult drawn using graphite pencil.you are great artist.Great job keep it up.

02/27/2017 7:48am

Drawing is one of my first love. I remember when I was young, my favorite subject of drawings are landscapes or animals. I also love coloring my drawings. It was fulfilling to see my final artwork. My Dad also appreciate my drawings. I am thankful for this God given talent.

06/18/2017 1:22am

I've been in a zoo and my unforgettable experience was when we had a close encounter with a tiger. We rode an enclosed van and fed the tigers.I even carried a 2 month old white tiger. The baby tiger's name is Ryon and he is so cute. Ryon looks like a big cat. They belong to the same family/specie.


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