I'm still working on learning the digital art but think that I'm getting better at it.  I actually am quite proud of this one and it can be purchased as a print in my RedBubble store:  Bristlee1

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12/28/2016 9:46pm



Digital art is not the limited stuff its a big platform so we can't achieve all the information about this but sure we can get much knowledge..

05/25/2017 4:18pm

Digital art is a new trend for artists today. It is where you create art through your desktop or a drawing pad. The illustration will be seen on the computer and the artist can edit it to whatever design or color he/she wants. This is an easy way to illustrate because erasing or re-doing the work doesn't require too much effort. However, the traditional way of illustrating is more advisable for beginners due to its cheap tools because digital equipments for art is expensive.

06/18/2017 2:56am

I want to become an artist just like you. Can you teach me, please? These videos are great for me.


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