Here I am again still learning how to digital art!  This is an ongoing process that I am thoroughly enjoying how to learn.  I use Markiplier because I have reference pictures that I took at IndyPopCon and PAX Prime.  I only like to use photos that I took.

Hope you enjoy!



11/03/2016 1:37am


12/19/2016 11:30pm

What a beautiful piece. I suggest to use Adobe Photoshop in your future digital artworks! It gives you a lot of options for your image. I hope that you could also make tutorials on how you accomplish your work. Keep on posting your artwork and I will share it to my friends, Have a nice day!

03/05/2017 2:16am

Digital Art is now getting popular. In social media sites, we see a lot of digital art like vector, vexel and other types of digital art. I'm a photographer and I considered photography as a kind of digital art. I considered it because you produce art through digital photography. What you did is really amazing for beginners like you. Keep it up!

11/03/2016 4:26am

Wow, its beautiful art for draw. Drawing is great art but this post is telling about digital art. Its result is awesome and its look like real.

02/08/2017 1:14am

Wow! Good progress! I can help you in learning if you want!


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