My dad brought this picture to me just a while ago (one he took many years ago) and I just had to draw it as it is just so darn cute.

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11/10/2016 11:34pm


02/21/2017 10:51pm

That is very lovely. I like the really detailed drawing of the goat. Your dad is very thoughtful and sweet. I couldn't agree with you more, it is really cute and I want one for myself. I really love animals. That is why I took veterinary as my course. I really love taking care of animals, I can't wait for my practice in a barn though.

05/08/2017 12:51am

A baby goat is ultimately adorable. At first I find goats annoying and disgusting creatures, but my heart melted whenever I saw a baby goat. They are really small baby animals that always follow their mothers. They are so cute and I enjoy staring at them and petting them. I like how you draw that baby goat. It is so adorable and I can't get over it.

12/07/2016 10:51pm

drawing the outer shape of baby goat is not so difficult task for an ordinary artist, but giving the proper detail to its face just like a real goat would definitely not an easy thing to do.


Baby Goat drawing is nice and so interactive...nice job keep it up !!

03/06/2017 5:24am

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03/06/2017 5:32am

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