It was just the other day that someone told me to "act my age".  Instead of shooting back a sarcastic comment, which I am very good at,  it actually got me to thinking.  What is "acting my age" and who determines how I should act?  This year I turned, ugg, 54.  I don't feel 54 but then again how am I suppose to feel.  Here's the thing, I've never been 54 before so I'm not sure how I'm suppose to act.  I own my own home, have money in the bank and have been fired from my job (how that is relevant is a stretch). However, I still feel like the bank at any time is going to show up and tell me they made a horrible mistake that I'm not grown up enough to own a home.  See that's what I mean, when do I feel my age, when do I feel grown up?   If you said act 30 or 40, I might be able to rethink those times and recreate how I acted (really not that much different than today!).  To act my age now is just not something I know how to do.  Is there an age manual I don't know about?  A secret organization that keeps all that information available to a select few?  I do know that the other day I was in line at the market and there was a cover article that said something to the effect of "what's the proper skirt length for your age".  According to the article for someone my age, the skirt was almost to the ankles.  Really?  My legs aren't that freaking bad.  See, it's the secret society and they want to make us feel old.  If I shopped in the "appropriate" age section, it would be elastic waist pants and flower print shirts.  Not me not me not me!  I still wear my jeans, t-shirts, tank tops and flip flops.  When needed I can put on a dress, curl my hair, slap on some make up and look pretty damn good.  I'm not sure if you have read Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books,  but there is a character with the name Grandma Mazur.  When I am 80 or 90, that is who I want to be.  I want to still be wearing spandex shorts, flip flops, tank tops, bleach blond hair and a wicked smile. Please understand that I am not the only one my age that thinks this way.  Last summer I took my son and nieces to play paintball. Yes, I love this game.  It's awesome.  I mean really, really awesome (Can you believe that I have a degree in science?).  There were men there that were my age if not older and a few woman also.  More and more I am seeing my age set breaking the rules, again not sure who set them, and continuing on with the things they enjoyed in their younger years.  I say why not.  Years ago before my son, I was an avid mountain bike rider. One time when we, friends and I, were riding at BigBear Mountain, I met a woman who was 71 years old who was bombing it down the mountain and on the straight runs.  She was incredible.  That is who I want to be, always.   I want my son to shake his head we we are much, much more advanced in years and I'm ogling the younger men, to understand that getting "old" is a state of mind.

I think one of the things that keeps me "young" is the fact that I have a 13 year old son.  I truly thought that when I had a child, that would be the time I would feel grown up.  Nope.  Instead that young man keeps me young.  Over the past twelve years I have swung on swings, put together an endless amount of Lego toys, run around with full abandonment, dug in the dirt, played board games, colored with crayons, sang songs at the top of my lungs, danced in public, run through amusement parks, played chase in the rain and simply did all the things that made us happy.  Though he is getting older and some things have dropped away, we still play board games, sing together in the car, dance, put together Legos and now we also game. No, not board games, game like in on line games.  I have found that I love to play on line games and xBox games.  I follow gamers on YouTube (I started watching to ensure that what he was watching was appropriate).  I find that the more I stay up with current trends, current events, current music, I find myself not falling into the "act your age".  I like singing to Maroon Five's new songs and dancing to Taylor Swift. The goofy humor of some of the YouTube gamers keeps me in stitches and now I follow and suggest some to my son.  He suggests games for me to try out.  Here is the thing though, I suck at gaming.  I mean I really, really suck.  It doesn't matter though.  My son and I do this together and he gets to comfort me when my character doesn't make it to the end.  We enjoy the time together.  Lately he has been explaining how to play a certain tank game to me.  At 13 he seems to know all about the different tanks used in different battles, the armament, types of ordinances and so on.  Me, I'm lucky if I can remember how to turn left and right.  Mostly I spin in circles and then get blown up.  We have a great time talking about the battle afterwards and what I did wrong.  He wants me to start recording some of my gaming sessions so that we can upload them to YouTube.  Hmmmmm, maybe I should title them "The Worst Gamer Ever" videos.  It's a thought.

In other words, if not "acting my age" brings my son and I together, keeps us talking and helps with our relationship, who cares if I don't "act my age"?  He certainly doesn't care (except if I dance in public).
One corner of my son's room of the Lego toys we have put together. All those boxes also have Lego's. Yes, and I made and built the shelf also.
This is the shelf you can see in the lower right hand corner of the first picture. There is another shelf to the left of this one with MORE Lego toys and the closet has them also, as does the family room.
Enjoy life (don't "act your age"),
It's the one you have,