Damn, only spent 1 hour studying today.  I had a project out in the garage that was just begging to get done.  Begging I'm telling you, begging.  So like a mook, I gave up and did it.  See my son really, really needs a side table for his room.  He's been using a TV tray that is too tall for his new bed and it has already fallen over once.  I just couldn't go another day with it like that, just couldn't.  So part, really most of the day was spent out there.  I love working out in the garage, though it still needs a fair amount of work.  This weekend, I am hoping to rectify that final problem.  All of the builds that I have done lately will be over on the DIY blog area soon.  I have a rough draft of today's build but it is still lacking the final photo.  The table will need to have a polyurethane coat added tomorrow and then it will be complete.  I love building but I can tell you that I do not look like any of the other women that I see posting builds.  They are all clean clothes, nice nails, beautifully coiffured hair.  Me, I look like I've just wrestled with a grizzle and it may have drooled black ichor on me.  My hands look like this, yes and that's clean.  Poor things, so dry and frazzled. Notice, no nail polish, no rings.  Safety first people.  I also wear safety googles, thick gloves when working with heavy pieces, face mask and hearing protection.  I am such a safety nerd.  I probably should clip my nails to work with the different tools, as you can see the little pinky one was kinda ripped off today.  It snagged on some wood and licky split it was gone.  I may have shed a small tear.  
Not to prograstinate more or anything, but I may go look at table saws tomorrow.  MMMMMmmmm, table saw.  It is about the only tool that I am lacking.  Ok gotta go.
I really am going to go study because that's how I roll on a Friday night.  Woot.

Enjoy Life!

Here it is again.  Another day to study, Yes, I'm ready.  Got the coffee, headphones on and computer fired up.  Wait.  Gotta go eat first.  Can't study on an empty stomach and I have this box of Betty Crocker Rice Blend All purpose flour that I've never used.  Hmmmm, what can I make...............

I'm back, made some great waffles with the BC flour and Almond flour but left the kitchen a mess cuz I really have to study now.  So I did and got through one whole module AND took the test.  Yeah.  Ok on to the  next module, oh wait them Winchester boys are on and they are just so damn cute.  One episode won't hurt, right?  Ohhh, they are being hunted by demons again and ........wait..........study.  OK gotta go back and study.  

Here's the thing.  To study,  you have to have the right environment.  Having the TV in the room with the computer is not a great combo.  I did  turn the TV off, though come on, Jensen Ackles what kind of eye candy is that!  Do guys like that really exist in this world.  Look procrastinating again.  When I was in college I could focus and study the crap out of anything.  Now, not so much.  There always seems to be  some type of distraction especially with the computer itself.  Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, Tumbler, I think you get the picture.  They all seem to call out when you sit down to study "come look at me".  I just know that Karen Alpert from Baby Sideburns  must have another blog posting.  Her stuff makes coffee come out my nose and who doesn't need that every day!  So if you really want to get work done at the computer, close out and sign out from all your social sites.  I know, I know, it's painful.  Think of all the things you'll miss.  No, wait don't think about it because you'll go and look.  Keep the TV off.  Keep the social media sites closed.  If you need, have some quite background music.  Not loud, you'll end up singing along and then possible getting up and dancing. There is even the possibility that you will look up the video on YouTube. It's all so distracting.

Here's another thing, don't eat a big, heavy breakfast (or lunch).  You will end up needing a  nap.  Have a light but filling meal.  Bring water to your study area.  Bring one or two light snacks with you.  Nuts are always a good snack to bring unless your allergic to nuts, then don't eat them.  I like walnuts and macadamia's.  

Take breaks.  Trying to stay in one place will only increase the need for distractions.  Study one hour.  Get up, stretch, jog in place, dance, throw your arms in the air, anything to get the blood flowing again.  The break should be at least 10 minutes but no longer then 20.  This is NOT the time to check your social media unless you can do it while moving around.  I can, hell isn't that what a smart phone is all about!

One more thing, we all hear about Ergonomics.  Even at home you should have a comfortable place to study or work on your computer.  Not so comfortable that you doze off, done that.  Drooling is just not pretty. Have a good chair, I picked mine up at Staples.  Yep, they sell chairs also and they go on sale all the time. The only problem, this chair is REALLY comfortable.  That's where the drooling came in, it leans back.  It's at the right height so that my arms are flat, the computer screen is at eye level and my knees are at a 90 degree angle (too much description?)  

So there it is, my study habits in a nut shell.  Though as you can see, I should be studying but here I am, posting to my blog and doodling.  I love to doodle.  I do it a lot especially when studying.  Bad girl.

Ohh, Bones is on............

Enjoy life!


My study doodle: 

I'm just gonna say it and get it over with, Looking for a job sucks.  I mean sucks in a big, bad sucky, sucky way.  It is just not the actual sitting down and combing through the websites that swear they are the best, but it is having to tailor the resume to each and every job that you send it to.  I refuse, absolutely refuse to have a "one size fits all" type of resume.  Not only that, but of coarse, I'm reading all the blogs that swear they can fix my resume and "get me hired" with just a snap of their fingers.  Right.  Oh lookie, has my phone rang yet.  Nope.  Sigh.  It's very frustrating.  
I'm also taking a series of classes that I hope will make me more marketable.  They are in my field and when all is done and said, there will be certificates to go along with the pain of having taken the classes. Can I tell you that at my age, going back to school sucks.  Well, it might be better if I was on a campus and had an instructor giving the lesson but I elected to take on line courses.  It takes an iron will to stay on track.  There have been several days that I just could not do it.  Instead I let myself play the procrastination game.  Though I do have to say that my new floor is looking great!  I ended up redoing a cement floor so that it now looks presentable, or will when I'm done with it.  It's curing, so I've had no excuse not to get classes done.  Over the last week I've been able to get several classes finished along with several recipes, laundry, build a side table for my son's room and rearranged the kitchen.  I told you, it's very distracting to stay at home and try to study.  
On top of all of that, I've been trying to get the LLC going.  I did hear back from the Secretary of State.  It seems the form that I downloaded from their site, is not the most current form.  Huh??  Ok, not sure how that works.  I've been trying to call and get ahold of someone to find out what form I should be using, but can only find the same form that I've already sent in.  I will try again and see what they say.  This is the second to last thing that I need and I can go out and start soliciting business.  Might be easier than looking for a job! 
I will continue to look for a job, take my classes and work on starting the business and continue with my home improvement projects.  Let's see what wins.